Street Food is a gastronomic trend that has been a resounding success in recent years.

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Magellano food service

Only a successful franchise is really able to lead its affiliates towards a path of economic and personal growth

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Italian and Sicilian Cuisine

We take care of the production, preservation, processing, packaging, control and distribution of Italian and more Sicilian food products.

Our company offers a specialized team to carry out constant control activities and to update the good information to improve the service possible to the clients.

Sicilian street food Magellano

Unique Recipets

we offer Sicilian recipes, from rustic Sicilian appetizers, to typical Sicilian first courses to end with the famous Sicilian pastry desserts.

Sicilian Cuisine

Magellano was born from an ambitious project to discover and make typical Sicilian products available to all users. Truly exclusive products.

Sicilian Style

Creative, with top quality ingredients, enhanced by modern cooking techniques: this is the style of Sicilian cuisine.

Street Food

Street Food Tour from Catania to Palermo with local guides, through popular markets and historic squares.

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