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"MAGELLANO FOOD SERVICE s.r.l." is a start-up project in the food-tech sector, that uses innovative digital technologies for the production, preservation, processing, packaging, control and distribution of Italian food products and more precisely Sicilians products.

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Discover with us the sicilian street food.

Advice and Personal Training for Pizzerias and Restaurants

Opening a pizzeria or restaurant is a choice that must be made with weighting, it is an industry where improvisation never pays and nothing can and must be left to chance, the choice of the place, the correct organization of the spaces together with the techniques of preparation of food, are aspects that can determine the success of a commercial activity or if neglected its failure.
Magellan today can follow the customer in all the steps following the decision to undertake this activity. His team of consultants led by Sebastiano Sciuto who has made the youthful passion for catering and in particular in the pizzerias his profession is an expert pizza maker with important experiences also in the management of this type of premises, trained on the "field" has experimented, also exploiting the collaboration with miller masters, different baking techniques using new mixtures of flours and techniques of dough with exceptional results to always search for quality and taste. following the taste of an increasingly attentive and demanding clientele.
Transfer its know-how to those who want to undertake this activity before a profession 'and real passion for a product that can represent in its simplicity one of the Excellences of Italian gastronomic.

Start-up :

For those who want to realize the dream of opening a pizzeria, a consultant is fundamental to evaluate the characteristics of the place, how to choose the most suitable oven and build a kitchen equipped spending the right, how to select the kitchen staff, choose the right raw materials, take care of the communication, find the most suitable doughs, using the best techniques (direct, indirect,biga , polish) for Classic Pizza, Pizza Romana at the shovel etc.

Training :

We will give you the tools to become a great Pizzaiolo: from the secrets of ripening and baking dough - the two fundamental processes that determine the perfect success of a good pizza - the drafting of the loaf and the choice of ingredients, up to baking in the oven.

Consulting :

Your venue doesn't bill as you'd like? The consultant makes an assessment of the main aspects related to: reputation, economic and operational management, service, offer, evaluation of competition in the reference area. Below, it takes action to minimize errors and increase the potential turnover thanks to a presentation and above all a better quality of the product offered to your Client.
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