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Arancino or arancina? It doesn't matter.... The king of Sicilian street food now known all over the world boasts millennial traditions, it is said that it was the Emperor Frederick II of Sweden who first imagined that rice seasoned with meats and spices typical of Arabic cuisine in Sicily could, appropriately prepared, be used as takeaway during his hunting trips in the Sicilian woods in the Norman era, it was probably just a ball of cooked rice that the Sicilian cooks' majesty then turned into a delight for the palate.
MALANDRINO has made gourmet lobster the flagship product of its proposal, more than 100 varieties of tastes and formats, from the traditional recipe with meat and cheese sauce or butter and ham, arancini with shrimp or pistachio, to the norm (tomato, eggplant and basil). A store of a few square meters complete with all the equipment is enough to open the doors of taste and authentically Sicilian flavors to gourmet food fans without for this sitting at the table of an expensive restaurant...
In fact, together with arancini, Malandrino offers other typical products of the Sicilian culinary tradition by road:
from sweets such as irises and Sicilian cannoli to the inimitable Sicilian artisanal ice cream with salt, arancini, mozzarella in the carriage, potato cocks Sicilian fried pizzas to the inimitable Sicilian pizzas. Our staff of experienced consultants will follow all the steps from the accommodation of the premises to the supply of furniture and equipment to marketing operations up to the professional training of the operators whether you are in charge of the preparation or not, together with your family members or employees in a short time you will become experts in the preparation of these gastronomic delights, our products in fact will arrive at your local at a very low temperature and fresh preparation , the time it takes to bring them to the right temperature in a fridge closet and they will be ready to cook in eco-friendly fryers without releasing smoke or in the oven.

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