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"MAGELLANO FOOD SERVICE s.r.l." is a start-up project in the food-tech sector, that uses innovative digital technologies for the production, preservation, processing, packaging, control and distribution of Italian food products and more precisely Sicilians products. Our company stands out for the careful research of the best certified products in Sicily, requested by an increasingly demanding and prepared clients. Its mission is to never lose sight of the values ​​of fairness, transparency and reliability that "MAGELLANO FOOD SERVICE s.r.l." it considers them fundamental to guarantee the authenticity of the Food and the full expression of all their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

Our company has a specialized team that carries out constant control and updating activities in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. The delivery system carried out with direct or synchronized logistics has been specifically designed to maintain these product storage conditions fresh unaltered until food delivery. We address both final consumers, but also catering and hospitality operators, with the possibility of opening stores and guaranteeing specialized courses throughout Europe. The result we propose is the 360° satisfaction of the catering operators, always offering products with high quality standards and personalized services for the purchase, as well as a rapid and widespread distribution system, is what makes us proud of the work that we carry out every day with passion.


Magellano it is an idea born from three young Sicilian entrepreneurs.


Expert in accounting and finance.


Public relations expert.


Cook, expert in Sicilian cuisine.

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